Guilty Verdict in First Boston Marathon Bombing Trial

BOSTON — In the first of the trials emerging from the Boston Marathon bombing, a college classmate of the surviving suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, on Monday was convicted of trying to cover up evidence that could have incriminated his friend in the days after the attack 15 months ago.

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towerofpower2sweet2bsour said: It sickens me that you wanna defend this guy. He was not a "walking angel." He doesn't deserve rights because he gave them up when he committed treason. This isn't a set up by the government or anybody else. I'm from Boston and I was there that day. He also shot and killed a MIT police officer. The only injustice is that he is still Alive. His friends tried to destroy his computer for him.

have you read anything from my blog or did you copy & paste this message to everyone? maybe read up a bit from my blog and you’ll understand how i feel about this case - that i’m not a blind follower/believer in the Tsarnaev brothers

did i ever call him a “walking angel?” no. 

do i care that you are from Boston? no. i don’t care if this happened in my hometown or not, i would feel the same way i do about this case, if not more. and considering the circumstances surrounding this whole martial law-like take over of your city, you should be just as concerned about YOUR rights being taken away than even the bombing itself.

"he doesn’t deserve rights" - this right there worries the crap out of me. you are just as much of a US citizen as Jahar do you realize this? Is that really justice? The people say this with no respect to US laws, to what makes the United States’ justice department the best & most fair in the world (or should i say what used to be). I must say that it’s fine to have an opinion, to voice it, and no one should be stopped in sharing their views. I don’t care if you think the Tsarnaev brother’s are the most terrible monsters on earth, that there is way too much evidence against them - you should still believe that Dzhokhar deserves a fair trial, and then be sentenced to death if a jury decides it. To anyone who says he should have been shot, blown up, etc right away, what is to happen when you or someone you love is detained? What if they claim to have so much evidence and people on the outside are screaming for you to be put to death? You won’t be joining them, you’ll be clinging to the United States’ laws that protect the innocent, and yes, the guilty as well. To say that this American citizen deserves to die right now because of what he is suspected of doing, it makes my blood boil.

i have never stated that the Tsarnaev brother’s did not commit the crime, i just think there’s more to the story. what scares me the most is how you claim all of these things as straight up facts. “he also shot and killed an MIT officer” - you were there were you? you know that Jahar himself pulled the trigger? it’s laughable considering even the prosecutors don’t really know for sure, lol.

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Trial date set for Boston Marathon bombing suspect

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The Boston Marathon Bombing Trial May Be Pushed To Late Next Year

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"Boston Bombing Suspect’s Mother Speaks Out"

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So basically I was sitting around and I got the idea for this piece. I had to act fast because rarely does my inspiration stay long enough for me to complete something. 

Here’s the deal: I don’t know if Tsarnaev is guilty, I don’t know if he’s innocent. I do know however that the legal system and the media is ridiculous and going about their jobs and this case all wrong. The way I see it is there’s a smart guy who’s already been judged as guilty based only on circumstantial evidence and his ethnic background. The laws are changing and you are no longer innocent until proven guilty. So this piece is appropriately titled “Guilty Until Proven Innocent”

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Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to face death penalty, prosecutors say -

no surprise here i’m afraid. if only he was guaranteed to actually have a fair trial

He had, soon after arriving on the Dartmouth campus, established himself as a high-volume pot dealer, pulling in about $1,000 in cash a week, and sometimes more… The money gave him the thrill of financial independence, and helped pay for indulgences previously out of reach — his love of designer shoes, trips to pricey New York City clubs, and other extras like Ciroc vodka and psychedelic drugs.

Patricia Wen from The Fall of the House of Tsarnaev, Boston Globe


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"Jahar didn’t try very hard to conceal his drug-dealing, keeping a scale in his dorm room desk and bagging marijuana with the door open."

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"The two brothers — who are seven years apart — grew up sharing bunk beds in this small bedroom in East Cambridge."

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Cambridge Rindge and Latin 2011 yearbook

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His friends often joked that Jahar was the most “white” among them. This aspect of Jahar’s looks — combined with his good manners and flawless English, the language he had been speaking since arriving in the United States at age 8 — was perceived as a big asset whenever he and his friends had run-ins with police.

— Patricia Wen from The Fall of the House of Tsarnaev, Boston Globe
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